Weight Loss Program

Medically Supervised to ensure quick and safe weight loss and to help maintain your progress, each program is professionally tailored to meet each individuals needs with long-term success in mind.

$150 initial visit, $75 for each subsequent visit.


HCG Weight-Loss Program

Medically Supervised by Dr. Nannette Crow, M.D., this program uses the HCG hormone (a hormone naturally produced during pregnancy) to help speed up metabolism and aid in losing weight. The HCG hormone activates the release of stubborn reserve fat and has been said to reset the body's metabolism.

$300 initial visit, $75 for each subsequent visit. $150 restart


Both programs include a customized weight-loss plan tailored to meet your specific goals. Your first visit and subsequent visits include a B12 metabolism-booster injection and an appetite suppressant prescription, if needed.